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Stephen was following the pattern laid down by Christ when he gave his life for the gospel.  Paul was there, too.  
The Holy Spirit transformed the disciples from fearful and denying cowards to courageous and confessing martyrs.
This chapter outlines God's plan for salvation.
The presence of the Holy Spirit made all the difference in the early church.  
Moses took his people through the wilderness to the very edge of the promised land.  
No matter how great the gifts of God, we always will complain.
When faced with challenges, do we see only the challenges or can we see the possibilities too?  
The story of the covenant is always the story of God’s faithfulness and our unfaithfulness.  
What did the covenant mean to the Hebrew people?
Moses and Pharaoh were locked in combat with one another.  Why was Pharaoh so reluctant to let the Hebrew people go?  
Why was the circumcision of his son such a big deal?  Why was it necessary to get Aaron on board?  

God used the courage and faith of ordinary individuals to bring about the rescue of His people.
The last and greatest of the signs reveals God's power and the hope we all share in God's future.  
Jesus is the Light of the world. If we want to learn to truly see, we need to let Jesus open our eyes.

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