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Zacchaeus was a tax collector.  Hated and despised for the way he exploited and abused the vulnerable, he nevertheless sought out Jesus and had his life transformed.  What does this…
This man seemed to be sincere in his faith and wanting to grow.  Jesus looked into his heart and challenged him to put God first.  He couldn't do it.  What…
A crippled man and his friends all had their lives changed.  Physical and spiritual healing took place.  What does this story have to tell us?  
The Samaritan woman went from being someone of low repute with a bad past to a follower and evangelist.  How does her life apply to us?  
Nicodemus went from being a skeptic, to a closet Christian, to a full-fledged follower of Jesus Christ.  Let’s look at his life and see how it applies to us.  
We want to be built into the holy temple of God.

Are You Divisive

February 24, 2019
Are you connected to others and helping them connect or are you disconnected and disconnecting others?
How did the early church conceive unity?

We Are Already One

February 10, 2019
Unity, according to the Bible, is not something we have to achieve so much as it is something already achieved.  
Christians need to learn to love Christ’s church.  This is especially true even when the church is not what it should be.  

Why Unity? Why the Church?

January 27, 2019
Jesus prayed that we would be one with each other.  Why is that necessary?  Why do we need the church?

Jonah and the Ninevites

January 20, 2019
The story of Jonah ends abruptly and invites us to draw our own conclusions about what happened next.  It also invites us to think about where we want to take our own stories.  Do…

Jonah’s Prayer

January 13, 2019
Forced to confront his disobedience and God's anger, Jonah showed contrition.  But how much and for how long?

Jonah’s Call

January 6, 2019
Jonah was a prophet called by God who did his best to refuse his call.  God gave him a message of grace that Jonah did not  want to pass on.  Yet…
The magi came from far away and with little understanding and yet they worshiped the King.  What can we learn from them?

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