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We all have a necessary role to play in the church.  Let us play it.  
We are transformed by receiving Christ’s body and blood.  How does that work?  

Adopted Into The Family

September 29, 2019
Christ came to create a new family.  We have Jesus as our brother and God as our Father.  Therefore, we are family, but to what degree?

Saints and Sinners

September 22, 2019
We are called out of the world to be a holy people.  We are saints and sinners at the same time.  
We have life and are connected together because of the presence of Christ in our midst.  We are to bear fruit for the transformation of the world and the transformation…
The Church is called out of the world to be a place of transformation, growth and blessing.  It is the creation of Jesus Christ.  
Peter a faithful Jew, had to move outside his comfort zone to fully embrace the Gentiles.  Where is God calling you to go?
A transformed Peter no longer flees from the authorities.  He rejoices in his suffering.  How is God changing you?
Filled with the Holy Spirit, Peter proclaims the truth about the Messiah.  How is the Holy Spirit working in you?
Peter was given the chance, during a time of failure to reaffirm his faith and to confirm his love of Christ.  Where is God’s grace reaching you?  
Faith encounters the empty tomb.  What did Peter believe?  Where are you in your walk of faith?  
Peter denied Jesus, just as Jesus had foretold.  Why do you think Peter did so?  What did it mean?  What does it mean for us?
Peter was there when the sacrament was established.  He heard Jesus foretell that all would desert him.  On that night, Peter boasted too much, prayed too little, acted too soon, followed…
Jesus wanted to wash the disciple’s feet.  Peter resisted this service by his Lord.  Eventually, at Jesus’ insistence he allowed him to wash his feet.  What can we learn from Jesus’…
After many disciples deserted Jesus, he asked the twelve if they wanted to go too.  Peter answered him, “where else can we go?”  

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