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Paul's arrest in Jerusalem was something he learned to not only accept, but Paul used it to spread the Gospel.
Paul spent two years in Ephesus reaching many with the Gospel.  
The first converts in Europe were an interesting bunch.  See how the Holy Spirit worked there.  
Paul and Barnabas worked very well together but then had a disagreement.  What do you think of how they solved the problem?  
When conflict arose and there was a difference of opinion, how did the early church resolve things and come to a decision?
Led by the Holy Spirit, Peter takes the gospel to the Gentiles.  
Paul was changed by Christ, but also by Ananias, Barnabas and Stephen too.  
In ever widening ripples the gospel was going out.  First to Jews, then Greek Jews, then Samaritans and now to a Eunuch.  
Stephen was following the pattern laid down by Christ when he gave his life for the gospel.  Paul was there, too.  
The Holy Spirit transformed the disciples from fearful and denying cowards to courageous and confessing martyrs.
This chapter outlines God's plan for salvation.
The presence of the Holy Spirit made all the difference in the early church.  
Moses took his people through the wilderness to the very edge of the promised land.  
No matter how great the gifts of God, we always will complain.
When faced with challenges, do we see only the challenges or can we see the possibilities too?  

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