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Major changes are coming to our denomination.  We want to let you know what is going on and what our church is doing to prepare for the future.  The audio from Pastor John’s presentation to the congregation on Jan. 14 is available here.  Next, Pastor John will be meeting with each small group for discussion and questions on the following dates:

Wednesday January 24 Matthew 18:19 Prayer Group 1:00 PM
Wednesday January 24 Women’s Small Group 1:30 PM
Wednesday January 24 Mixed Small Group 5:30 PM
Wednesday January 24 Disciple III 6:30 PM
Thursday January 25 Women’s Small Group 1:00 PM
Thursday January 25 Choir 7:00 PM
Friday January 26 Women’s Small Group 10:00 AM
Sunday January 28 Youth Group 4:00 PM
Monday January 29 Mixed Small Group 6:30 PM
Tuesday January 30 Men’s Small Group 6:30 AM
Wednesday January 31 Worship Band 7:00 PM
Monday February 5 Stephens Ministry 6:30 PM
Wednesday February 7 Wrapped in Prayer 9:30 AM
Wednesday February 14 Covered in Prayer 9:30 AM