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What would happen if everyone in our congregation really understood worship from a biblical perspective? Not music. Worship.

    • Do you think you might hear less, “I don’t like that song,” and more, “Isn’t Jesus wonderful?”
    • Do you suppose there could be fewer negative comments about musical styles, and more positive comments about the content of worship?
    • Might there be fewer people looking at their watch or checking their Facebook posts, and more people actively engaging with God during the worship?
Seminar Topics Include:
  • Envisioning Worship
  • Is Worship Really a Lifestyle?
  • What are the Truly Biblical Motivations for Worshiping God?
  • PLUS: A special add-on session designed specifically for those involved in worship ministry.

To sign up, call the church office.  For more information go to:

Worship Seminar — Eagle, Idaho — September 30, 2017